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Brian Hutchins was Lorelai Gilmore's first boyfriend on the show Gilmore Girls. He asked her to "go steady" in the library one day in seventh grade and she never heard back from him until three years later when he showed up to prom with another girl.

A Brian Hutchins is a total douche who thinks he has a way with the ladies. It is likely that he would refer to his car as the "pussy wagon" and own a Subway tee shirt that says "foot long" and an arrow pointing downwards.

Brian Hutchins routinely thinks he has the idea for the "next big thing". This usually ranges from clothing companies to iPhone apps.
"Did you see his Bruno Mars wife beater? He's a total Brian Hutchins. "

"He blasts Fuckwithmeyouknowigotit in his white Nissan to get with the ladies. He's so Brian Hutchins."

"Brian Hutchins only keeps one pillow on his bed so after she gets the hint she's not spending the night."
by Gaurelai November 01, 2013
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