a fat fuck that played on the dallas stars in 1999. scored a bullshit goal to win a stanley cup that doesn't belong to him. he's a major asshole, so he belongs in texas.
jesus fucking christ brett hull loves dicks in his mouth. fucking wow, so gay.
by jesus' pubes July 28, 2008
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Brett Hull was an NHL player who played for the Calgary Flames, St. Louis Blues, Dallas Star, Detroit Red Wings, and retired with the Phoenix Coyotes. Has the 3rd most goals in a season w/ 86 in the 90-91 season, right behind Wayne Gretzky and Wayne Gretzky. Won two Stanley Cups, one with Detroit in 2002, and most notably with Dallas in 2000. It was his 2000 Stanley Cup that immortalized him when he scored in the 4th overtime with his foot in the crease against the Buffalo Sabres. The goal was allowed anyways because Buffalo can never win a Stanley Cup. Not the co-GM for the Dallas Stars.
"Hey, do you remember Brett Hull?"

"DO I!? He was the fucking man. Scoring goals and shit, keeping that shitty team up near Niagara Falls or whatever from winning a Stanley Cup - not like they would've anyways, it was Game 6 and they'd have lost game 7 cause God hates them."
by James Finney July 2, 2008
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