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Items needed: frying pan, stove, thick comforter/blanket, hot pad, vodka.

1) Light the stove and put the empty frying pan on it to heat it up.
2) While the pan is heating up, have the person who wants to take the breezy russian (the victim) get on their hands and knees with the blanket draped over their back.
3) Once the frying pan is hot (you can drop a few drops of water on to it and see if they boil/evaporate) place the hot pad then the frying pan on the floor in front of the victim.
4) They should then take the blanket and bring it over their head and around the frying pan (don't touch the pan!) so that their entire body is under the blanket with the frying pan. (There should be no openings from under the blanket other than a little slack at the front that someone can reach their arm under)
5) Then someone else needs to reach under the blanket and pour 1-2 shots of vodka into the frying pan.
6) The hot frying pan will cause the vodka to start evaporating but the blanket will keep the vapors trapped so the victim needs to inhale them.
7) Once all of the vapors are gone there will still be a little bit of liquid left in the pan, this should then be poured into a shot and drank by the victim.

I recommend only doing this with straight non-flavored vodka. The sugars in the flavored vodka cause a sticky film to stick to your face.
Man I want to get fucked up fast! Let's go do some breezy russians!
by breezy_russian March 17, 2010
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