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When food loses its meaning for someone, either in terms of personal taste or social habit, under the condition of a general inability to find meaning in anything in the world, then one enters the absurd world of breakfast loop. Every meal all through the day and night appears to be your first meal of the day, as if you involuntarily respond to a long period of hunger or tiredness, while you have no conscious appraisal of hunger, food or time. A breakfast loop is very different from splurging on food or bulimic tendencies. Quite the opposite. It rather often accompanies monetary constraints or immigration melancholy, where one cannot eat what one likes eating, yet for the sake of a faint memory of the necessity of nutrition, maintains a tenuous relationship with food. A breakfast loop is tragic, not pathological.
Pandu: What are you eating Chaman-from-India? Do I notice ham and stolen raisin? At this time of the day? Suddenly?

Chaman: We are in this extortionate land of Western Europe, or are we in U.S.A?, Pandu-my-roommate-also-from India! Cold place, cold meat, cold salad, dry bread, cold again. I am in a breakfast loop!

Pandu: As long as you can send some money back home, Comrade!
by moul May 14, 2014
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