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everything that is wrong with Urban Dictionary. This is the type of editor who spends every minute of his day polluting this site with "words" like wnuczek, yobrodawgshitfucknadsboy, and yonkydonkey . He is completely illiterate (see his definition of author). He currently has 189 definitions... And those are just the ones that were approved (most likely by himself). Basically, author bread infection is the perfect example of fail in Urban Dictionary.
Naive Kid: "snoopet!"
You: "WTF"
Naive Kid: "It means fat chicks need lovin too but they gotta pay!"
You: "No, it means you fail to realize that Urban Dictionary is a free dictionary that anyone can add to: which means retard users like bread infection infect the site with bullshit, and it stays there forever, because it takes too much effort for editors to delete each definition. If Urban Dictionary had a way to ban him and delete all his defs in one fell swoop, nothing of value would be lost."
by pseudoanonymous August 22, 2009
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