This is actually quite a niche definition of sex or slapping sound when two people mating. It appears quite frequently in japanese hentai RPG games when the translation is poor and is made with MTL(machine translation).

The sound itself translate to Bread in english and, many translators are lazy(aren't paid enough) and let it there without ever getting a better translation the games themselves.
Guy1 on hentai games forum: so how's the game, can anyone tell me if it's playable? Is the story good?
Guy2 on hentai games forum: Bread Bread Bread!!
Guy3 on hentai games forum: As long as you shut down your brain it's decent (the art).
Guy1 on hentai games forum: I guess i'll pass another game.. had enough bread at dinner already
by Frentzy October 1, 2022
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