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This is where you are doing a female from behind and bust a nut on her back. Let the semen dry to that of a flake and make her eat it.
I wanted to have my girl try a new breakfast food so I made her a brazilian flapjack.
by Chris McCartney November 07, 2006
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The act of Blowing one's money shot on their female partner's stomach poolside and letting it bake in the sun. The partner will then return later and peel off the cumjack and feed it to the craving slut
Met this chick at the pool the other day, gave her a ride on the bonecoaster and covered her in Brazilian Flapjacks so she would have some protein for later.
by HASMSP August 27, 2013
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Occurs when, after cumming on your partner's chest, you gather the semen into a pool resembling a pancake on the griddle. You allow the cum to dry, then peel off the pancake and eat it (or, if you like, share it with your partner).
We thought about going out for breakfast, but decided to stay in and share some Brazilian Flap Jacks.
by DougD May 22, 2007
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