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Bratwursta (noun)
Is a Hashtag that is used by the "bratwursta" clan. The clan is of german decent situated in south africa. The Bratwursta's is a group consisting of inspirational women, who are striving to preserve their heritage and are proudly german. If you follow the hashtag #Bratwursta on Instagram you will be able to identify the participating members.

The word Bratwursta is derived from the traditional German sausage "bratwurst". The bratwursta's love Bratwurst. omnomnom.

The Bratwursta's like to jol.
Kate: "who on earth are those crazy chicks running around with a German flag in the middle of nowhere?"
Bob: "ohhhh, I know those chicks! They call them selves the Bratwursta's. Apparently they're a crazy bunch!"
by ecelctismatic May 27, 2015
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