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A female student attending a branch campus of a university. Usually, the student may choose to attend the branch campus because their standardized test scores or high school grades did not allow them entrance into the more academically challenging main campus. The student is usually characterized by:
1)dyed hair or highlights (dumb-blonde look).
2)Juicy couture terrycloth pants.
3)Fuzzy pink school supplies.
4)SAT scores lower than 800.
5)Highly promiscuous behavior, especially under the influence of alcohol.
6)Attracted to frat boys.
7)Excessive use of the word "like" while out of context.
Branch campus girl #1: Oh my god, like I totally just went shopping and met this cute frat boy at the galleria. He totally like wanted me and like I gave him my number!
Branch campus girl #2: Was he like, a frat boy from Kappa Kappa Kappa? I like totally like hooked up with him on Saturday at the kegger! I was like, so trashed off of Natty and jagerbombs!
by Joe Applesack October 02, 2007
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