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a very "ghetto" person, usually carries a pocket knife with them, and most definately will carry some kind of drug with them.

also known as a chonga that wear baggy ass dickies and call their boyfriends "Papi" and love takin pictures with a pz sign and look at any other place but the camera. they think its "chongalicious"

usually very broke, and if not, they get money from selling drugs in the corner of macdonalds.

if you ever see one you most likely will get shot or stabbed

Very known for having AIDS, have the highest HIV percentage in the nation.

Always lose went they play the Falcons, the falcons are just too good
dont talk to me! ur a braddock bulldog!

ew, is that a braddock bulldog???

run!!! is a braddock bulldog
by next door neighbor falcons December 11, 2007
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