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Brad graham is a dope ass muthafucka who bleaches his teeth so white it acts as a lazer beam for the ladies so they dont get lost in the dark when between the sheets.

Brad graham creatures are complex species with gangster rap and eckhart tolle in their cd player amongst one of their various forms of transportation due to annihilating the fuck out of their vehicles. most likely alcohol and rage induced.

Dont cross a Brad Graham.. especially with his girlfriend, you may get kidnapped off the side of the street, ducttapped and paper bagged, and driven out to the middle of nowhere and threatened to be killed and never heard from again.

Make sure to take Brads "light heatedly" when party favors are involved: wrestle with care, pat his head, and tell him how schmmmmexy he is even if he calls you a homofaggot that likes to such donkey dick.

Brad Grahams thrive best amongst beer pong, curious individuals that can entertain him, upper, downers, hot sex and yes, princess blanket cuddles.
Whats that brad Graham?

by fascist lemonde December 08, 2013
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