Subtly adding the fact that you have a boyfriend into the conversation in order to deter anyone who is potentially interested. The first time this happens is the boyfriend drop. Also can be used in describing this event by the other person who was interested.

Related to girlfriend drop.
Harvey: 'She boyfriend dropped in our last conversation but I'm still interested.'
by The New Musicologist October 16, 2007
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Another name for "ihab" syndrome, i.e. "I have a boyfrind" syndrome. Girls will give you boyfrind drop only if you make them somehow uncomfortable.
She gave me the boyfriend drop when I got nervous.
by Adnan Rocks October 28, 2008
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Mentioning your boyfriend in conversation in order to get an edge on all your friends. Similar to Name Dropping.
Girl 1: "My BOYFRIEND and I were at the mall the other day and we held hands and I got Jamba Juice. Sorry you're still single, Becky."
Girl 2: "Stop boyfriend dropping all the time, he's not even that great."

Boy 1: "Wow, you got an A in AP English? Did you know I have a BOYFRIEND? He has a car."
Best friend: "I get it, you're gay. Stop boyfriend dropping all the time."

Girl to mom: "OMG, going to the zoo is so much more fun when you have a maodorabeebs BOYFRIEND."
Mom: "All this boyfriend dropping is why you don't have any friends other than your boyfriend."
by zozobemo March 8, 2017
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