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A noise artist and diabolic philosopher, known for his many recordings and writings dealing with subjects such as social darwinism, misanthropy, and general outsider-ness(for lack of better words:P). He is despised by the oversocialized PC Left, being a prominent member of the recent unpop art movement alongside greats such as Jim Goad. But despite all the ear shattering noise he makes, he also proves to be of many skills, playing melodic collaborations with neo-folk band Death in June. He is not the dark messenger he presents himself as either, as he has been known for the most amusing mass-pranks one has ever seen, including one in which he threw bananas at German hotel guests while dressed as a gorrilla in nazi regalia.
"Oppression is the opiate of the masses, people geniunely get off on it."
by IntestinePoet July 09, 2005
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