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The re-interpretation or misinterpretation of an expression.

ie. 1 (from the movie “The Graduate”)
Mr. Robinson: “Don't you think your plan is kind-of half-baked, son?”
Ben: “Oh no sir. It's all the way baked.”

ie. 2
The conversation about our big, clumsy uncle came to a halt when she asked in exasperation, "What's so strange about a bowl in a china shop!?"

ie. 3
Teacher: “All right class, the last thing I want to get to is...”
Class clown: “Yeah. That's the last thing we want to get to, too.”

Well that was a bowl in a china shop! I guess he'd never heard that green can mean 'sick' as well as 'jealous'.

by Chrissisyphus December 29, 2008
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