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This occurs as you carry around a huge turd, looking for a target on which to drop it. The turd, like a bomb, is lethal as it cooks up getting ready for the mission. When it is let go, it is like a bomb from an airplane, headed to the target, destroying the vessel into/onto which it lands.
Jim waited till his girlfriend went into the kitchen to sneak into the bathroom, drop his bowel bomb, and totally destroy the bowl.


The odor of the Jim's bowel bomb, dropped right before dinner, totally destroyed the mood of his date.
by The Dutch Auto Man August 09, 2006
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An explosive turd. Usually builds up in the intestines, slithering around undetected gathering bits and pieces of digested taco bell and steel reserve. Then with little notice explodes out of the anus by-passing even the most strongest of sphincters.
Damn dude, I just dropped a Hiroshima-sized bowel bomb in that bitch! It looked like an interracial gay porno in fast-rewind.
by just call me K May 15, 2009
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