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Also known as Bow Chicka Wow Wow, a physchodelic soundtrack to a low-budget 70's pornographical movie. It can also be a sign that some one is going to be 1. fucked 2. stabbed or 3. have their salad tossed with syrup! It can also be used as a conversation starter after a good joke about dj clueand the jokes lull. Use caution when say Bow Chicka Wow Wow, because you never know when some horny ugly old bastard will want to hump your tuna fish sandwhich. If it is a hot chick you are saying it to please make sure that you are packing rubbers. And not that cheap shit you buy at the mall vending machines either... You gotta be packing Trojan Elites or maybe Magnums. Either way, the phrase Bow Chicka Wow Wow will leave you peeing sideways the next morning and wondering why midget porn is so expensive.
(Hot girl bends over)
Horny ManChild: Bow Chicka Wow Wow
Hot Girl: Jesus Christ Bobby!
Horny ManChild: I wanna make you moan like a rhino!
Hot Girl: Otay!.... (The rest is left for your imagination, you dirty creepy bastards!)
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