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Used as a noun, the term 'bot party' refers to a certain 'anti-social' behavior sometimes exhibited by computer-controlled characters in games (especially first person shooters) or 'bots'.

This is typified by the bots appearing to pick a certain area of the map to congregate and engage in unorthodox behavior, such as running around in circles while ignorning the other players and each other.

The occurance of a bot party is usually a result of a combination of poor AI or level design.
The multiplayer map 'Skyrail' featured by the James Bond: Nightfire first person shooter game for the PS2 contains an excellent example of a bot party - computer-controlled characters tend to make thier way to the near-center of the map, close to one of the bigger boulders, and run around in circles shooting at each other.

Usage as a noun: "Ha ha, looks like we've got a bot party in this room."
Or, as a verb: "Why are all the enemies bot partying?"
by matt and james lohkamp April 10, 2006
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