Phrase for Puerto Ricans
literally: Puerto Rican Until The End

Used to puertorriqueño's to show Puerto Rican Pride
persona 1: ¿Eres Mejicano, verdad?
persona 2: ¡No, Soy Boricua Hasta El Fin!
by Carlos Vázquez July 2, 2006
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A Boricua Barbie/Bonita Barbie or better known as Double B is lingo derived in Dallas, Tx for a gorgeous woman of Spanish or Latin decent that resembles a doll or barbie. From the way she dresses to the makeup she puts on everyday.
Guy 1: Damn bro look at that Spanish Mami right there..
Guy 2: Ya bro she's fye as fuck. She's a Boricua/Bonita Barbie or Double B for short...

"Daaaaaamn bro. She a Double B.."
by ChiefMazi March 19, 2019
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