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A website for use of Higher School Certificate students (HSC), it has an incredible amount of good work and resources on it, but you have to wade through the shit to get there, it also has a forum so that the night before an exam you can post "i am fucking fucked for ancient history, help!" and they will.
Jim: I'm so fucking stupid
Frank: You sure are dumb cunt, you should use bored of studies.
Jim: Hows about I kill you?
Frank: You'll still be a stupid hunk of shit.
Jim: Too right, lets go get ice cream.
Frank: That's the smartest thing I've heard today.
by fuck off cunt February 27, 2008
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the single most helpful item in a hsc's life
"wow, look, a boredofstudies."
*bow before it*
by Anonymous October 15, 2003
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A virtual haven for geeks titularly claiming to be 'bored' of studies despite being incapable of nothing but talking about it, sometimes even years after leaving highschool. Some even consider the site a means of recreation (as opposed to pro-creation).
Felix: Hey Urkle, *draws breath from puffer* we should.. *wipes glasses* make a website devoted to resources for students in year 12.

Urkle: Great idea, what should we... *wipes pimple ridden nose* what should we call it?

Felix: How about 'bored of studies', but spelt 'B.O.R.E.D' our chemistry teacher would get a laugh out of that name, even though we're blatantly contradicting our sex deprived selves.

Urkle: Yeah, even Miss Miller would find that name somewhat humerous. We have such a shameless, dry sense of humour; but I'll do anything to boost our assignment marks *ejaculates into Math Quest textbook*
by egoindulgentprick January 20, 2009
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