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Verb . Bootchin' (BOO-CHIN)
This is the art of putting your back in an arch, and getting that derrière ready to boot scoot up against one's counterpart's parts, whilst in the spooning position.

Noun . Bootchy ( BOO-CHEE)
Offering or threatening up something falsely, getting, or hoping to get, your preferred outcome.

Considered a slang term.
Considered a sexual action.
Cody: "Man, Jenna was bootchin' up on me all night, I didn't stand a chance."

Jenna: "Girl, you know I be bootchin' the second I feel that man behind me"

Cody: "How was I supposed to know you wanted to bone?"
Jenna: "Cody, I was bootchin up on you since I was conscious this morning."

Jenna: oh my god, that girl was acting like such a tease, very bootchy."

Cody: "Dude, don't trip over it, she's just being bootchy."
by Jenna Leanne May 18, 2018
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when someone has a deformed chin whose chin could be worn as a fuckin boot.someone who has multiple fat ass chins
Wus up bruh, BOOT CHINNN ass, fat shoes ass.
by Drew Klepzig February 01, 2009
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