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A word referring to the chicken on airplane meals, which usually has the consistency of (depending on the recipe) either rubber or tofu. The "boomerang" comes from its displeasure at staying in your stomach, and combined with the plethora of pathogens from sick passengers, occasional, jarring air turbulence, and the phenomena of airplane ass, it usually comes back to haunt you (suddenly, violently, and all over the place). Hence the boomerang effect: it returns from whence it came.

Can be used as a general term for airplane food, which got one degree worse (which is impressive) in that you now have to pay for it.

To the brave (or stupid) connoisseur, expect digestive problems in your immediate future.
Hmm, should I get the boomerang chicken cordon bleu or the vulcanized-rubber beef stew? Fuck it, I'll just starve, seeing as how it costs less and is less likely to give me dysentery.
by Paul Narayan November 20, 2007
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