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A Boo Ninja is a man who consistently scores women which are obviously way out of his league. Most often the Boo Ninja is spotted in bars working his magic. In this setting the Boo Ninja will look much like a scout master holding court with his young charges gathered around a camp fire. But the Boo Ninja is no scout master and his charges are not suburbanites but rather really hot young women and with each word the Boo Ninja speaks his audience will either laugh or compliment him on his wisdom as each competes to be his paramour {fuck} for the evening.
"Look at that bald fat fucking old Boo Ninja... he is old enough to be their fucking grandfather, he had the damn valet park his Yugo and yet look at all of that fabulous {highly fuckable} , boo {pussy} hanging on his every word like he is some fucking mullah {Islamic preacher} issuing a fatwa {religious decree}.
by Jack Magnum, Weremo hunter November 03, 2015
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