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Basically bonerstarter heels means much the same as 'fuck-me heels'. But bonestarters are are just a few percent sexier. The term bonestarter refers to the effect that seeing an attractive female in such sexy high heels usually has on most males, which is to start to give him a 'boner'. While almost all high heels are bonestarters to some degree, actual bonstarters are just that bit more obvious in the reason the lady has decided to wear them. Bonestarter heels are often on the verge of being whore heels but are just enough away from whore heels to be worn in general public.
She wore those those 4.5" bonerstarter heels to the office again. I was all worked up until she finally left for the day.
Last night, she serviced me while wearing those bonerstarter heels.
She always winks at me everytime she wears those blue bonerstarter heels. What a tease!
by bnzvtt August 06, 2018
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