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In Australia bogan names are Americanised firstnames, they tend to either be derived from surnames (in the American cultural tradition they usually occur as the preservation of the mother's family name. This was originally an English convention and was therefore exported to the colonies), or they are made up amalgams of other names or complete inventions in their own right. As American globo-culture has spread, these names have begun to manifest in the English speaking world. To make these names unique, they are also spelt in numerous bizarre ways. A good example of a bogan name is Dylan. Originally an Irish surname, it is variously spelt; Dylan, Dylen, Dillon, Dillan, Dillen. Often, these names are borrowed from celebrities, so we have flocks of Brittanys and herds of Tysons.

Bogan names are gaining such prominence in Australia now, that soon the concept of bogan names, will be lost under a welter of tens of millions of suchlike.

It is a very clear result of America's cultural hegemony over the English speaking world, particularly.
1. Hello, Jayden, how are you?
It's Jaiden, not Jayden, dickwad!

2. Britny! Geez, what a bogan name!
by Dee Cee 66 March 27, 2009
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