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Bobby warren is someone you won't automatically fall in love with, but then there's just something about him that just clicks. He's funny, energetic, kind, handsome, thoughtful, gorgeous, outgoing, happy most of the time, very hard to please and only a few can put that special smile on his face and make him laugh like a geek. He has an amazing body, regularly attends the gym, looks great with his top off, and especially his trousers, has a very large dick. He's a true gentleman at heart, and only opens up to a lucky few. His skin is really soft and he loves massages with cocoa butter. He can be immature on the odd occasion but is always up for a laugh and going out with the lads. He's the man that's worth fighting for, and you'd be extremely lucky to be in his life, let alone his heart. There's only one bobby warren, he's different to every other guy. He'll leave footprints on your heart, and if you love him once, you couldn't ever (in a million years) imagine being without him and you'll never love anyone else. He says the cutest things that you'll never forget. Even your nan tell you he's a keeper. He's so special, he's amazing and he's perfect. He's everything you could ever dream of, he's the guy you want to build a life with, and make a family with. His children will be called jamie, freddie, lucy and lily. He'll also have two dogs, a golden retriever and another dog. He's the best thing that ever happened to me and mes loves him to the moon and the stars and back !
Alicia: what's his name?

Rachel: bobby warren

Alicia: ooo he's very hard to please, but don't give up on him !
by insomniac7 January 07, 2012
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