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a terrifying vehicle usually seen prowling the streets of mt. lebanon either dumping landscaping scraps or transporting only the best looking gentlemen. the exact year is unknown for this legendary beast probably because nobody is brave enough to open the glove compartment... a change into high gear can be a bold move performed by the operator which achieves disturbingly high speeds and clears cars out of the way.
description of the "fuck"- powder blue toyota previa, moon roof, tinted rear windows, troll doll located on the dash.
WARNING this van is very dangerous and should be avoided at all cost, swiss bitties seem to be lured to its unique physique, but this could be their last ride.
it's blue... it's mini.... and its fuck.... its the blue mini fuck.

I saw the blue mini fuck coming down washington road, so i headed for the hills as fast as i could.

the blue mini fuck came thundering towards me in high gear and using both lanes when i was on the highway, so i pulled over and took cover for my own protection until it blew past at a horrifying speed.
by sav sex (the dream team) April 01, 2009
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