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In late winter, 2008, hip-hop artist Rick Ross released his controversial and highly-provocative "The Boss" music video featuring Fat Joe. This video and the accompanying music was an inspiration to one Michael Borzatti, of Bel Air, MD. While enjoying the effects of copious quantities of adult beverages one sultry summer evening, Mr. Borzatti proclaimed, after having recently stumbled through an attempt to clear a couch and landing in a pile of aquatic equipment, "I'm the BLOSS!" His intoxication having clearly affected the intended exclamation, "I'm the BOSS," "the bloss" then metamorphosed, with the assistance of the cunning humorist Zachary "Dunns" Dunaway. "Blossin'" has since assumed its rightful place in urban vernacular as the term that describes the utmost condition of "boss"-ness; the pinnacle of coolness; the king of chill. Variations include: "blicka blau BLOSSIN'!" "hemaglobin BLOSSIN'" "Cliffhuxtable BLOSSIN'" and "lickity splickity do flickily BLOSSIN'."
(after half a thirty of Natty Light) "This quiche is BLOSSIN'!"
by <pollux> August 08, 2008
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