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Blooming Cunt, defined as a person who completely pisses you off with their stupidity. Someone who rides the imaginary short bus with drool cup in hand and their helmet fastened snugg, yet every once in a while comes up with an amazing concept. Usually said concept was done 30 years earlier. . Beggers, whiners, drunken idiots, not to be confused with a bloody Cunt, they're different animals in the same zoo.
Example, Here comes John he's such a blooming Cunt, i dk why you're his friend. He buys stuff. Oh he is a blooming Cunt. . it's so sad to see all the homeless near downtown, shut up they're just a bunch of blooming cunts. I'm not drunk, no, you're a blooming Cunt. Cunt blooming
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by BigDaddy Double J April 14, 2016
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