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a website for right-wing neo-nazi egotists, run by such a person who is also a capitilist
the real CEO is someone called "flylady", whilst Anal Levy is her lapdog
one of the best sites on the internet if you want to see people denied their right of free speech, nepotism, and people who don't have a clue about how to run a company
robyn: id host a show on blog talk radio simon, but im not a racist capilist who hates freedom of speech
simon: but i hate non-americans and love people who deny others their rights then pat each other on the back
robyn; if you're that derived of being human, then they may offer you a management position then especially if youre nepotist too
by Jim McSweet June 27, 2009
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blogtalkradio also known as nazitalkradio is a radio networking site founded by right wing neo-nazi anal levy and bob jewish who is the cause for the global financial crash

used by tramps such as flylady and those who write trash poetry such as john sweet blogtalkradio has all the credability of the canadian dollar

known for being racist towards colored people as well as people outside of america blogtalkradio only cares about making as much money rather than free speech

the site itself was created when anal levys pop was dying as mentioned on their blogs so that he could make money out of his pops death which is the most despicable thing known to man aside from using blogtalkradio

in his personal life anal levy likes to kill puppies and eat them and bob jewish likes to urinate on the stars and stripes
i used blogtalkradio when i was a republican but since then like a month old cat ive since opened my eyes
by Anal Levy May 23, 2009
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