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1. A genre of dance music, influenced by electro and French house music, made with a simple and lo-fi aesthetic sensibility by people all over the world. Hallmarks of the blog house sound include distorted melodies, 8-bit sounds, sliced-up vocals and pop structures. The democratization of music production and distribution technologies has made the creation and dissemination of blog house available to anyone with a computer and the desire to make dance music.

2. Dance music that proliferates through a blog.
Maybe the best thing about blog house is that it's FREE. F yeah!
by davey from honolulu November 04, 2007
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Blog house is a non-existing genre used for ridiculing electro/funk/disco/house music that's posted on blogs.
Person 1: "Hey! You must hear this artist I found yesterday!"
Person 2: "Who is it?"
Person 1: "I dunno. Just listen."
Person 2: "Your music taste is fucking unauthentic! This is just plain blog house rubbish!"
by flundra November 08, 2009
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