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a sub-conscious state of mind and body induced by unwarranted consumption of cheap alcohol (usually karkov and natty light). symptoms include: red, itchy, and inflamed eyes; inability to formulate reasonably intelligent sentences; drunken uncontrollable rage against personal property thieves; droopy eye lids that give off the appearance of extreme fatigue; general misunderstanding of normally accepted social etiquette; poor judgement and decision making when dealing with members of the opposite sex, often leading to regrettable hook-ups; and a tendency to kick, tackle, choke, or punch unsuspecting innocent standbyers.
Hey man check out your boy brandon right now. He's gone straight blackout toodles... i know man. he does that freakin every single night he drinks. he can't handle his alcohol. what a bitch. goddamn blackout toodles.
by murpheee October 20, 2010
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