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A party with no lights. Therefore you can't see who youre dancing with. Heightening the fun of the party and your dance moves.
Maria: i had so much fun at that blackout party, Jose here is an awsome dancer
Jose: I wasn't at that party babe
Maria: damn, then who the fuck was I grindin on?

Liana: I wanna go to a blackout party
Edward: Whats that?
Liana: Stupid, its a party with no lights
Edward: Oh...then where does the music come from?
Liana : O_O
by drummergal March 25, 2007
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Gang bang variant that gained popularity in Florida, starting in the Tampa region around late 2010. It's when a bunch of Scene girls get together and have very rough sex with a bunch of black guys or give them blowjobs behind their boyfriends backs (single girls do show up as well). At the start the Scene girls typically strip for the black guys and then have messages like "Black Owned" or "Property of Black Men" written on them with a black marker. The Scene girls are then collared and leashed, although some prefer to be dragged by their hair while on all fours. The sex is rough (although not always) and can involve a lot of spanking, hair pulling, biting, slapping, dirty talk and choking if she prefers it. Dirty talk consists of black guys insulting the Scene girls boyfriend, typically calling him pathetic and worthless, while the girls agree and mention how much they love black guys. It always ends with black guys cumming all over Scene girls faces. Some leave with the cum still on their face.
Did you see Stacy's face after the Blackout Party? It was covered in marker and black jizz!
by Floridablackandproud July 20, 2011
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