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1)Black central is a saying used to move people out of your way. You can only use this phrase if it is clear that you are more of a bad ass motherfucker than the person or object you are trying to move. If you aren't, then you just end up looking like a douche. 2) Black central can also define a group of bad ass motherfuckers who are awing normal people with their bad assery.
1) Say that average bad ass Cory walks down the street and a drugged out Amy Whinehouse is in his way. It is well within his privalege as a bad ass to shove her out of the way as long as he backs it up with a "black central".
2) Or, if a group of really awesome people are attending a dinner together to celebrate their bad assery, that would also be considered black central.
by CoryKelli January 07, 2009
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