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A commonly used expression by emos explaining their (usually) bad day or an unfortunate event.
"Damn, i didn't have enough money to buy tickets to the dashboard confessional show and now i will miss it. My life is a black abyss"

"My life is a black abyss. I can't believe I have to go to this prison of a school everyday."
by emoemu December 05, 2008
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A title for a rather visually and aromatically unpleaseant anus. Although not every rectum should be equated with this, one must always be wary and cautious of its existence. The ultimate foe of the Heavenly Gates, or vagina.
There are some people out there who prefer to spelunk into the black abyss. I myself would rather ascend to the heavenly gates and ingest its heavenly rain.

Allen could not retain his excitement when he laid his weary and pussy denied eyes upon the heavenly gates of Mary, but soon found himself in a spiraling depression and a panic when he discovered the absurd and profound amount of fecal matter caked unto the black abyss that is Mary's asshole.
by Benal Patrol Overlord February 26, 2008
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