A repeated cycle of oral sex and semen swallowing protracted untill the receiver faints, loses consciousnes or dies.
Testicular pain due to excessive repeated ejaculation and the lack of semen have to be ignored

(the use of local anesthetic to bypass / reduce the pain is permitted)
(the use of virility enhancer products like erection booster or semen volume pills is permitted)
Variation "Bitter End Deepthroat" "Bitter End Throatpie) the oral sex and the ejaculation occur in the thorat of the performer/s
Last Saturday night I ended up in the hospital as aJhon Doe, I had no phone and no wallet, a girl gave me a Bitter End Blowjob in the toilets and I think she robbed me while aI was Unconscious, I still have "Black hole Balls after three days.
by Ophiucus88 May 4, 2021
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