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To be a total dickhead to everyone around themselves and have a lack of sense when doing stuff whilst making the people around them live in a real life hell which causes lots of pain and excruciation that both god and satan do not want them in their respective sides.

Having zero empathy for everything and judging everything by what they see which can obviously make them the bitchy asshole.
Student: "Can you mark this essay please?"

Beth Kelly: "Shut up you fucking retard, go fuck yourself you can't achieve anything in this world so your better off quitting and working as a garbage man"

Student #2: "Fuck you, fucking shit cunt fagnut bitchy asshole your the dickhead that no one likes i wished you fucking die for eternity. You wrinkly old son of a bitch!"

Beth Kelly: "I'm a bitchy asshole but... i can't die!"
by Beth Kelly Hater September 15, 2010
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