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Feculent open dirt ditches in remote rural settings in Asia where one urinates or defecates.
While in Japan, Dwain ate some local/exotic aquatic life form -- something that immediately didn’t like it’s new home and had such a pressing appointment to get back to spawning in the local estuary –- that his normally strong anal sphincter muscles had absolutely no hope of delaying it’s release till a more convenient moment back at the military base. Loathe as he was to defecate in the open air public binjo, there he was--hurriedly settling into the “Binjo-Squat” position for what promised to be a taint-ripping, crowd-drawing, precipitous delivery of a tsunami of diarrhea.
by kajoe April 29, 2008
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1. Shouting Out "Bingo" but saying it with a hard "G". You would then proceed to say "Bitches" and then the type of way you won the game.

2. Replacing the word "Surprise" with Binjo.

3. Putting your Penis in anything with a hole.
1. "Binjo Bitches! I got four corners!"

2. "Binjo Muthafucka

3. John Doe decided to put his Penis in the wooden hole.
by New_Summer June 04, 2013
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