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The brand that neva loss. The brand was created by the man who beat Micheal Jordan in his prime, made Lonzo Ball and told you to stay in yo lane, Lavar Ball. He is a legend among the internet basketball community, a god among men, and the best basketball player of all time. The brand features his sons, "top prospect" Lonzo Ball, the forgotten triplet Liangelo Ball, and the kid who keeps taking half court shots Lamelo Ball. "If you can't afford it, you ain't ballin hard enough" - Lavar Ball.
Person A: Yo, I just copped a Big Baller Brand sweatshirt.
Person B: Why would you buy that? They suck.
Person A: Who everybody gonna be talking about in 50 years?
Person B: Who?
Person A: Lavar, that's who.
by She_wants_the_Nuge June 06, 2017
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