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Guys don't wear "fanny packs"; that sounds to "feminine". Men wear "belt bags" (popular in the 90's).
BULLY: Hey, look! Poindexter's wearing a sissy fanny pack. Ha, ha!!

POINDEXTER: It's not a fanny pack, it's a BELT BAG.

BULLY: Did you say a BUTT BAG? What a FAG!!! Ha, ha!

POINDEXTER: How can it be a butt bag when I'm wearing it IN FRONT?

BULLY: Oh, I'm sorry, I guess it's a BELLY BAG then! Ha, ha!!!

POINDEXTER: That's really not very funny.

BULLY: Oh, okay. I'm done. See ya later.

by Poindexter Phillups January 19, 2007
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