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This a stereotype or type of person. A person who may have once rode a wild horse or was a teacher. this person is often reffered to as a rhino or cougar. broke due to constant overindulgence . borrow or mooch when in need of something. has bad credibility or committing to some of their word. said to be a liar at times. usually works part time . many belly crawlers work at night because its said to be less stressful, more relaxing. also known as the lowest of the lowest form of a person. scum or one who back talks others. this type of person may bicker or flail for fun or both. this type of person is often a collector of things. partakes in weekly meetings if chairman is present. likes a good boast/conversation. Always on time but work performance does match their attendance shown. this type of person is a belly crawler.
"the chairman is gone today, what about the safety meeting he told us to attend. anyone got 20 bucks? Ill pay you back. The gal with the black hair is expecting me and I need something. ill be back later." person leaves to see the gal. after the person leaving someone says "that person borrowed money from me never paid back but still had means to pay others back. promised me repayment months ago. now its almost new years. They are being such a belly crawler. doing exactly what they claimed not to idolize."
by nightshifters of chairman bob December 23, 2013
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