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boys or girls learning to skate because they love it
they usly know the names of a bunch of tricks, brands, and pro skater but ARE NOT posers
they skate cuz they love to (even if there not that good) not to impress anyone
dosnt always wear skater brands cuz they dont wanna be a poser
gets made fun of by poser, but the truth is that they are better than the poser at skating anyday
beginner skater: hey man can you show me how to do an ollie?
poser: no way! youll never learn to skateboard!
beginner skater *walks away sad and embrassed*
real skater:hey ill show you
beginner skater: cool thanks
real skater to poser: let me see you do an ollie
poser: uhhh...sure *falls on ass*
real skater: and you make fun of other people *sigh and shakes head*
beginner skater: *cant stop laughing HAHAHA
by thatswhatellensaid November 08, 2008
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