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To go out of your way to talk to someone you wanna be/wish you were tight with just so you can say you're in contact (especially regularly) particularly even if you often have nothing of substance to share.
Boy: Hey
Girl: *ignores because 'this is how he tries to start up some chat despite not having anything to talk about'

Girl: Wuu2
Boy: nm
Girl: kk lol

(convo begs love inserting lol into a sentence where it is neither called for nor an appropriate fit)

Jess: Did you watch KUWTK ydae
Gurl: Okay Jess, I'm gonna have to ask that you contact me when you've got something at least half decent to share ideas on. That's what conversation is about to me, an exchange for the embetterment of 2 or more people. Innane chatter about whichever latest one of his wife's gorgeous sisters the delightful Mr Disick is pretending to have a suspicious relationship for the purposes of ratings? Not so much.
Jess: betch plz, you clearly watched it.
Gurl: Yeah I know and I feel dirtier & more conflicted than I did when I was addicted to the damn app. But you can still pick better convo topics. Don't beg convo!
by iknowerrthang May 28, 2015
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