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After finishing a case of beer, you proceed to open one end of the case and place it on your head. Thus you can see out of the handle and you are wearing a beer helmet.

Does not protect head from injury
Dude you rocked the beer helmet all of last night, Didn't help when you slammed your head on the wall though
by beer master August 31, 2006
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A helmet, usually football, with a holster on each side where cold beverages, usually beer, are stored. The wearer can then drink the beverages using straws attached to the helmet, which are placed inside of the open beverage, leaving the wearers' hands free for other activies, such as cheering at a sports event.
Man 1: Holy crap! Nice beer helmet!
Man 2: Thanks, it lets me drink my natty light while cheering for the Steelers!
by TDGriot18 June 06, 2010
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