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Supplies: 1-Large tortilla shell, diarrhea or big poop, cheese moldy preferred, microwave (probably one that is going to get thrown away), 3 person sling shot. Steps lay out tortilla shell and lay a meaty scud monkey where the meat would be, sprinkle the zesty molded cheese on the turd and microwave for 1:00 min or until cheese on turd is melted and crisssssspy, then grab 2 friends to aid in this epicness, load the bean rito Im the cockpit of the 3 person slingshot of doom and let it go right in the victims cock sucker! (way better if their sleeping)
Codak: dude it was hilarious when we slapped Justen in the face with that bean burrito bomb!

James: HELL YEA! He still smells like stinky shit rito!
by turd burgler6969 April 04, 2010
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