Yoon Sanha from ASTRO's unique aegyo. This expression originated from the cute maknae imitating the sound of a ship's horn. Ddana owns this aegyo, no one can do it better than him.
Bbu bbu Hi I'm Sanha, Captain of Astro boat and we will guide you into the Astro boat. Bbu bbu bye!
by DearMyUniverseA May 2, 2021
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Bbuing bbuing is used in Korea when trying to act cute. Most K-Pop groups will be heard saying "bbuing bbuing" when acting cute in front of fans. This saying is not only used in Korea, but it is heard and mostly used there.
Boy: Can you help me get my phone back?!
Girl: Just act cute and you'll get it back.

Boy: How? Like this , *points at cheeks with both hands* bbuing bbuing.

Girl: Exactly!!
by fuck.it February 12, 2018
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