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I was playing Counter-Strike and eating Barbaeque Chicken and I got shot in the head because I couldn't shoot because I was eating chicken so I called BBQ Hax on him. It can be called whenever you are eating and someone killes you.
"omg, bbq hax, im eating ice cream"

"dude, you nub dont shoot me while i have cookies in my hand"
by MeanBusDriver May 24, 2004
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Of or pertaining to the 1337 h4x0rz of barbeque sauce, in relation to a videogame that is experiencing lag or other forms of glitching/technical difficulties
Modding, Superbouncing, World of warcraft (twinks), Halo 3, Gears of war chainsaw glitch, Gears of war crabwalking, Mad DPSing from Horde to Alliance in World of Warcraft, The ultimate taste of an orgasmic taste of Famous Daves barbeque sauce. I got BBQHAX0Rz when some 70 rogue on Demonsoul came up behind me, incapacitating me, and critting for 70000, i critted my pants.
by Cayne March 31, 2008
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