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A population of voting citizens of a country, state, etc. who consistently vote for candidates whose goals are counter to their own economic, social, health, and educational needs. They can see that these candidates abuse them, but they rationalize it away, blame others for their predicament, & remain crawling loyal to them none the less.
For example, a battered electorate syndrome is exhibited by American white blue collar workers who vote for GOP candidates, completely violating their own economic interests. Even worse, after the GOP candidates woo them through the election, the minute the election is over the GOP is back in bed with the mega-wealthy making promises & coming through on them. The GOP knows they can sweet-talk their electorate into accepting that they must sleep with these billionaires to bring the gifts of trickle down economics to their electorate. Meanwhile the billionnaires are importing their new yachts & firing more employees in their most recent company efficiency overhaul, and of course sending more jobs overseas.
by sudo111 November 18, 2010
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