This refers to basses in choir. Not the musical instrument or the fish.

A bass in choir is a man that sings in the lowest range. The kind of man whose voice seems to literally make the stage vibrate with its low, resonant, reverbarating and rich sound quality. The kind of man who kicks baritone and tenor arses collectively. The kind of man who adds depth to any choir song.
Basses, unlike tenors and baritones, are actually capable of getting an alto to become interested in them. We altos are rather selective and demanding when it comes to men, and the only men that can catch our eyes are basses. Basically, while the sopranos are standing there swooning over the tenors, the basses are hitting it off with the altos.

Oh and one more thing--basses are living, breathing, walking, talking sex under stage lights. They exude masculinity. They're talented and confident. They're basically pure and unbridled sex.
Amalie: Oh my God, look at that guy over there...he is so effing hot.
Lila: He's a bass (singer).
Amalie: That would explain it.
by artfreakamalia November 22, 2009
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