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noun. rediscovering previously owned possessions with joy that is typically reserved for retail shopping. Often used in the context of items that were in storage in your parent's (or a parental figure's) basement, but can refer to the basements of friends or relatives. Frequently used for items that were packed and stored for a move. May also include toiletries, paper goods, liquor, or other trivial items liberated from said basement.
After hearing how Jen convinced her father to let her liberate the beer from the basement refrigerator, Jen's friends were impressed by her skillful basement shopping.

Jen decided to organize her spare bedroom closet and do some hard-core basement shopping.

Jess had way too much stuff in storage in her basement, so she invited Jen to do some basement shopping.

Amanda got an ice cream maker, a smoothie maker, and a tennis racket while basement shopping!
by JenMaddog January 21, 2011
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