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a tightly packed basement, full of grinding, naked people.
"I was wedged between Sam and Marcy at the basement party."
by Llamalizz June 04, 2005
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the performance of cunnilingus up on a female who is having the time of her life to an extent where you have to watch you don't drown.
girl- i'm so wet from you eating my pussy!

Guy- Yeah, full on basement party down here!
by rickylipstick February 22, 2011
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A party where the attendees are mostly or entirely naked. It is not necessary for the party to be literally held in a basement.
Bro 1: I went to a crazy party last night, everybody was just wearing their underwear!
Bro 2: That was a basement party, you lucky bastard! Any tits pop out?
by Walshy231 May 30, 2018
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